Advantages of using our iGATE 501

Save money on your training!

Low block rates

Rates for the iGate 501 start at $40 per hour. A block of 10 hours costs $35 per hour; a block of 25 hours costs $30 per hour; a block of 50 hours costs $25 per hour. After your first purchase, you can upgrade to the next bigger block within 30 days and receive full credit toward the lower rate. Assuming a rate of $130 per hour for a Cessna 172 or Piper Warrior, you can save $105 per hour using our iGATE 501 (assuming no additional fuel surcharges for the plane rental!).

          Package rate for combined Instrument Ground School and Simulator

With an advance purchase of a block of 20 hours of simulator training time plus 10 more hours of additional ground training (using our IGI as simulator instructor and ground instructor) you get a $15 per hour discount on combined simulator and instructor time.  Complete one-half of your instrument training for only $1650! That's a SAVINGS of over $2200 versus typical costs for 20 hours of aircraft training!

Package rate for Commercial certificate

If you use the iGATE 501 to log 50 hours toward your Commercial certificate, you can save $5250!

Save time on your training!

No time wasted on pre-flight walk-around, engine warm-up,  taxi to run-up area, traffic delays, flying to/from the designated practice area, or weather delays.

Scenarios can be set up, and saved, to start you off a few minutes from the IAF, a few minutes from reaching a holding fix, etc. Practice the same procedure again immediately, not after a long diversion for traffic, etc., or until the next flight lesson. You can routinely fly at least SIX approaches in one hour in the iGATE 501 - how many do you get to fly at your local  airport?? Quick repetition, with the instructor comparing your performances, is the fast way to make steady progress.

Weather as you want it   "VMC" is always available, and "IMC" can be set to the instructor's specification. The iGATE 501 has up to 3 layers of clouds (of any type), optional winds aloft at each layer, and visibility from 30 miles down to 1/16 mile. If you really want to test yourself, we can activate turbulence, wind shear, and icing!! You can "fly" in clear blue skies or shoot an ILS approach down to minimums, whenever you want.

Private certificate training  Practice cross-country VOR navigation and lost procedures anywhere in the USA. Get comfortable with night flying before your first night flight in an aircraft. Before your first solo cross-country flight, practice the same flight in the iGATE 501!

All 50 states are in the database   Practice any approach at any airport.

Learn faster and better and safer!

Practice Private certificate emergency manuevers   Engine out and emergency landing scenarios can be safely performed in the iGATE 501 without undue student stress. The instructor can simulate various emergency situations (fuel starvation,  low oil pressure, engine failure, etc.) and have the student "land" on a road or nearby field.
Self-critique using replay  A busy cockpit can be the worst place to learn a new skill.
Instead of guessing what you did right and what you did wrong, you can "replay" your entire
flight, or portions thereof, again and again, while watching your flight instruments, your flight track, and flight profile, on the Instructor's Display.  You can see for yourself exactly what you did, discuss the necessary corrections with the instructor, and immediately start the same procedure and see the improvement. This is how you make steady, efficient progress.

Freeze Button  Whenever you or the instructor want to take a "time-out" and discuss
your technique or answer a question, you simply push the "freeze" button, and the iGATE
suspends operation immediately! Get your question answered at the time you have it ,
not after you land, when you may have forgotten the details. After your discussion, simply
press the "freeze" button again, and you resume your flight from where you stopped.


Push the "freeze" button to answer your cell phone, visit the facilities, have a cold drink,
or take a breather and have a "chalk talk" at the board with the instructor, then resume
where you left off.  Try that in an airplane!!