Simulator-based Flight Training in Pensacola

Full-size panel for C172 or Bonanza A36   

Log time toward the Instrument Rating (20 hours); Commercial (50 hours), ATP (25 hours), and Private (2 1/2 hours) Certificates; Instrument Currency (100%), Instrument Proficiency Check (most of), and Instrument Practical Test (most of). Block discounts and military discounts.
Cost and Time Advantages     Save over $2200 on your Instrument Rating!
                                                           Save over $5000 on your Commercial certificate!

elite  Elite iGATE 501  Configurable for Cessna 172R or Bonanza A36

Local Flight Schools to Complement your Simulator Time

Pensacola   is a great destination for flight lessons, simulator training, and recreation.
                        Bring your co-pilot for a vacation!

The Gulf Coast  is a great vacation destination!

This week's iGATE 501 fuel surcharge - $0.00   (It's always zero!!)